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A big welcome to the Shopafrolics' blog, A Shopafrolic's World, where you'll find my musing on the things I simply love.  

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  1. 2016 Blog

    What a crazy year 2016 has been! It seems like the world has been turned upside down, on times full of heartache, disappointment and despair. It's also been a tough old year in the small business circuit. But while I wouldn't want to do it all again I do think there has been some silver linings, if only that we end the year grateful for what we have, as well a little more resilient at what the world can throw at us. Here's some of the things 2016 has taught me...

  2. DES417

    The countdown has started and the mad rush for last minute gifts is upon us. Along with it comes the Secret Santa ritual which is all so common in friendship groups and offices across the country! If you're stuck on what fun gift to get, have no fear, Shopafrolics' is here with to help with stocking fillers under £5 plus lots of other items at great prices. Here's some ideas to help you choose...