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Love and legend

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TreeHeartsThis week, we celebrated St Dwynwen's Day in Wales. Santes Dwynwen is our patron of lovers and her story is beautiful yet tragic.

The legend says that the devastatingly beautiful Dwynwen was madly in love with Maelon but her father refused to let them marry and promised her to another. In his rage Maelon is said to have raped her leaving her heartbroken.

Dwynwen fled to the woods begging God to let her forget Maelon, where an angel visited her providing her with a potion which turned him into a block of ice. Dwynwen was then granted three wishes. With the first, she wished for Maelon be thawed; the second, she01673 wished that God would meet the hopes and dreams of all true lovers and with the third, she asked to never be married. All of her wishes were granted and she lived the rest of her life as a nun.

Although much like the story of St Valentine, this tale is edged with sadness, her selfless wish to all true lovers is commemorated each year in Wales on 25 January. So, next year if you're looking to avoid the commercialised hype around Valentine's Day why not show your loved one how much you care a little earlier with us. But of course don't forget your Valentine's gifts for 14 February too!

May all your hopes and dreams be granted... 

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  1. Steffie

    Well you taught me something! A new Welsh tradition I didn't know about. X

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