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A big welcome to the Shopafrolics' blog, A Shopafrolic's World, where you'll find my musing on the things I simply love.  

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  1. Catherine Gray Origami

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    Origami DragonSince starting Shopafrolics I've found myself shopping small and local more and more. Maybe it's the new found appreciation of the love and hard work that goes into these businesses, or perhaps it is just that I'm exposing myself to more through my constant networking. This is how I came across the wonderful Catherine Gray Origami who's extra special items I just had to share.

  2. Adventures of Hope

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    HopeKnitsAs many of you know from my previous blogs being a Shopafrolic is in my blood, so I'm always scouting the web for unusual and lovely independent businesses.  The more I run my own business the more I want to shop indie, being appreciative of the hard slog, hours of effort but most importantly the love and care that goes into small biz. Cue Adventures of Hope, a lovely etsy shop featuring handmade cards and knitted accessories.